Bitcoin & Beer - v0015

We'll be meeting at an Old City Bitcoiners favorite! Bog Brewing Company in St. Augustine. October 21st at 6:30 PM. They put up a new Pergola and back door. Check it out!

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Old City Bitcoiners
Photo by Jon Parry / Unsplash

First of all, thanks for everyone who came out to our first Sovereign Seminar event! We didn't have a huge showing, but the quality of the audience made for a superb and enlightening conversation! We look forward to doing many more of these seminars. So much knowledge to share! Click here to find out more about Sovereign Seminar.

Anyway, our next ₿itcoin & ₿eer is scheduled for October 21st at Bog Brewing Company in St. Augustine. See you around 6:30 PM. As usual, the taco truck usually leaves around 7 / 7:30 PM so be sure to arrive before they leave.

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