About Old City Bitcoiners

Old City Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin-only meetup! We organize several meetup types. Bitcoin & Beer, Hangout & Hack, and Sovereign Seminar. Find out more below!

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By Old City Bitcoiners

Old City Bitcoiners is all about getting Bitcoiners in Northeast Florida together to learn and network! It's all about learning and drumming up interest for Bitcoin!

We use this website to show off some of the neat ways one can use Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin micro-tipping using Lightning Network and other open source software. Most posts on this website allow you to donate Bitcoin using Lightning, or for larger donations, on-chain Bitcoin payments. Check out our Donation page to learn more.

Bitcoin & Beer

With Bitcoin & Beer, we meet at a local brewery, bar, or restaurant and talk all things Bitcoin! We meet every two weeks on Thursday nights. Of course we will always prefer to patronize establishments that accept Bitcoin! Check out our calendar to find our Bitcoin & Beer events!

Need help buying Bitcoin? Need help securing your Bitcoin? Need advice on how to avoid getting scammed? Need to set up a node? Stop by and we will help you! Let other Bitcoiners in the area help you find your way!

Hangout & Hack

Hangout & Hack is our newest meetup type! With H&H, we meet online using Discord and shoot the shit, share ideas, and help each other along their Bitcoin journey! You can expect these sessions to be somewhat technical, but newbies are always welcome!

Sovereign Seminar

With Sovereign Seminar, we find volunteers willing to present on a Bitcoin-related topic. We encourage all presentations to promote the Principles of Bitcoin such as Trust Minimization and the use permissive Open Source Software. Don't Trust, Verify. Our focus is in minimizing reliance on Trusted Third Parties and minimizing overall risk. So things like trusted hardware, trusted software, how-to seminars, etc., these are all fair game.

We will try to get popular personalities in the Bitcoin community to come present. But as always, we encourage local Old City Bitcoiners to present their projects or interests! It's all about getting the local community involved in meaningful Bitcoin adoption. For more information about Sovereign Seminar, check out our introductory post.

How to stay informed

Check out our Contact page for ways to stay informed about your next Old City Bitcoiners meetup! We try to keep everyone on the same page and in-the-loop!

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