Old City Bitcoiners

Old City Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin-only meetup in St. Augustine, FL. St. Augustine is known as America's Oldest City.

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By Old City Bitcoiners
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It's is all about getting local Bitcoiners together to learn, network, and socialize! We have two active meetup types:

Bitcoin & Beer

With Bitcoin & Beer, we meet at a local brewery, bar, or restaurant and talk all things Bitcoin! We meet every two weeks on Thursday nights. Bitcoiners of all backgrounds gather at Bitcoin & Beer including technical and software experts, to entrepreneurs, and educators in the space. Are you a newcoiner? Let local bitcoiners help you along your journey to self sovereignty!

Hangout & Hack

Hangout & Hack is our newest meetup type! With Hangout & Hack, we meet online to share ideas and help each other along their Bitcoin and Open Source Software journey! You can expect these sessions to be somewhat technical, but newbies are always welcome listen or ask questions!

About this Website

The Old City Bitcoiners website (oldcity-bitcoiners.info) is a value5value Lightning-native website. Want to test a 1 sat Lightning payment and support us? Head over to donate.oldcity-bitcoiners.info today!

How to stay informed

Check out our Contact page for ways to stay informed about your next Old City Bitcoiners meetup! We try to keep everyone on the same page and in-the-loop! oldcity-bitcoiners.info

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