Ways to stay informed

We discuss ways to stay informed about Old City Bitcoiners events and how to engage with the community!

We provide several ways to stay informed about your next Bitcoin meetup! When we post a new content, you can be notified using the following methods.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

We love RSS! Use your favorite RSS reader and sign up for our feed! RSS allows you, the user, to control your newsletter subscription. No more "Unsubscribe" links at the bottom of emails that never seem to work! Nice! This also makes it so we don't have to rely on the insecure legacy email (SMTP) stack.

Old City Bitcoiners Calendar

We maintain a calendar service that you can subscribe to using your smartphone's calendar client. Check out this post for additional details.

Matrix Protocol

Old City Bitcoiners maintains a Matrix Chatroom. We have several Old City Bitcoiners that hang out in that room to answer any questions from the public.

Our public lobby chat room is NOT ENCRYPTED!


We also cross-post on meetup.com! If you want email notifications of new events, this is the place to go! But of course we recommend RSS instead.


We also cross-post on Twitter. Over time, we hope to abandon Twitter for a more decentralized microblogging platform such as Mastodon or nostr.


We encourage users to join our Matrix chatroom. We don't support email anymore! Why? It's an old and insecure protocol. It's time for us to change our behaviors!

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