Staying informed

We discuss ways to stay informed about Old City Bitcoiners events and how to engage with the community!

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We provide several ways to stay informed about your next Bitcoin meetup! When we post a new content, you can be notified using the following methods.

Self Sovereign Services

In line with the ethos of Bitcoin, Old City Bitcoiners work hard to eliminate as many Trusted Third Parties (TTPs) as possible. The services on this website provide all you need to stay informed.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

We love RSS! Use your favorite RSS reader and sign up for our feed! RSS allows you, the user, to control your newsletter subscription. No more "Unsubscribe" links at the bottom of emails that never seem to work! Nice!

Old City Bitcoiners Calendar

We maintain a calendar service that you can subscribe to using your smartphone's calendar client. Check out this post for additional details.

Services relying on Trusted Third Parties

Old City Bitcoiners uses a few Trusted Third Parties for communication. At some point, we hope to either deprecate these services, or if possible, find clients that operate on top of Nostr protocol, or perhaps something like


Old City Bitcoiners now has a public Discord instance! It is open to public and provides an excellent place to communicate with other interested Bitcoiners. Check it out today!

We cross-post on! If you want email notifications of new events, this is the place to go! We no longer support email newsletters through this website. Of course, we encourage people to subscribe to our RSS feed and public calendar endpoints instead.


We cross-post on Twitter. Over time, we hope to abandon Twitter for a more decentralized messaging platforms based on Nostr.


We encourage users to join our Discord server to chat. If you must email us, you can reach us at

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