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First Ever Bitcoin & Beer at Old Coast Ales in St. Augustine FL.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Old City Bitcoiners
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

April 6th @ 6:30 PM - save the date!

Hey! I found a perfect spot to host the first Old City Bitcoiners meetup! It's called Old Coast Ales. They serve beer and wine and the atmosphere seems nice and chill. I asked the bartender if it would be problem to host the meetup, and she seem very receptive! There's a good outside area that we can talk.

To avoid live music (we are there to talk after all!) we will target Tuesdays. The bartender said this was the least busy night. I figured this is as good a night as any for a Bitcoin meetup.

To give me time to advertise the meetup and drum up some interest, I'm scheduling the first meetup for April 6th. Here's a google map to the location.

Hope to see you there!

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