Introducing Sovereign Seminar

Receive a Bitcoin-related presentation from a member of Old City Bitcoiners or other popular speakers from the Bitcoin community. Held on weekends. Each Seminar is followed by Bitcoin & Beer somewhere nearby.

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By Old City Bitcoiners
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Old City Bitcoiners is proud to announce our Sovereign Seminar series. With Sovereign Seminar, we invite popular speakers and encourage local members of Old City Bitcoiners to present a Bitcoin-related topic to the local community.

Old City Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin-only meetup!

Why "Sovereign Seminar?" We're looking for presentations that promote the principles of Bitcoin: Trust Minimization, security, trusted computing, Open Source Software, privacy considerations, etc. We welcome topics covering Austrian Economics, history of Bitcoin and the cypherpunks, as well. Pretty much anything Bitcoin and Lightning Network are fair game. We ask that each presentation help the community become a more sovereign user of Bitcoin.

Want to present on your at-home mining setup? Have some opinions on how to securely run a node or manage your UTXOs? Want to show how to change your Unit of Account to Bitcoin? How about a tutorial allowing merchants to get Bitcoin-enabled ASAP? Want to talk about the game theory or second-order economic effects of Bitcoin? These would all be good topics for Sovereign Seminar.

Presentation Guidelines

We ask that presentations target about an 40-60 minutes in length, giving 15-30 minutes for questions. Presentations will be recorded and uploaded online. The audience WILL NOT be recorded. We give presenters 2-3 minutes to shill their company or personal projects. Dress is casual.

We encourage all attendees to review the St. Augustine Main Branch Library meeting room policy prior to the meeting. We think the rules are quite sensible.

No smoking/alcohol, be respectful, toss your trash in a receptacle.

Want to Present at Sovereign Seminar?

See our Contact page if you're interested in presenting at one of our Sovereign Seminar events. We like to see a quick bio of the presenter, the topic of the presentation, requested date/time, and any other relevant information.

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