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Clams is a Browser UI for Core Lightning nodes. In this Hangout & Hack, the developers of Clams wallet will be joining us to discuss the project and answer all your questions. See you on Discord on January 17th 2023 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (12:00:00 am UTC | Wednesday, January 18, 2023)

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We have a special Hangout & Hack lined up for you this time. The developers of the Clams Lightning Wallet will be joining us to answer all your questions about this open source project. The repo lives on github, so go check it out! They also have excellent documentation.

When the time comes for this Hangout & Hack, click the following button to be taken to our Discord channel:

About Clams Wallet

The Clams Lightning Wallet works entirely in the browser; it is a Progressive Web Application, so it avoids many of the censorship risks that are associated with centralized apps stores. Since it open source, you can integrate Clams wallet into your own applications, which further minimizes censorship risks.

Clams is a very interesting take on a Lightning Wallet. First, it looks just like another lightning node on the network, so when it connects back to your full core-lightning node (v0.12.0 or later), it  should appear to the rest of the network as "just another lightning node" P2P connection. Cool!

Clams supports core-lightning only. That's because it relies on core-lightning COMMANDO-style commands. Commando allows you to issue RPC-like commands against your lightning node over the existing lightning P2P port. Authorization to issue RPC commands is controlled by a rune. A rune is a cryptographic token that encodes identification and authorization parameters that can be understood by your Lightning node. The Lightning Node will reject any attempts to issue an RPC command if the rune is not present.

Using Commando makes the Clams wallet super fast, and because Clams is a light-client, it looks just like another Lightning node on the P2P network!

There are many more things to know about Clams Wallet, but we'll save it for the meetup! See you there!


We're all about those Bitcoin-only events! Our friends in Naples FL are holding a Bitcoin Day. Looks like a solid lineup! Check them out and grab a ticket!

Bitcoin Day Naples 01/21/23 — Bitcoin Day
Bitcoin Day Naples, Florida happening 01/21/23

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