Hangout & Hack - Liquidity Edition

It's all about liquidity management. We'll be covering BOLTz, Green Wallet, and Helm. Using LBTC to rebalance channels might also be part of the agenda! We're meeting May 13th 2024 at 7:00 PM Eastern.

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By Old City Bitcoiners, Michael,

Photo by César Couto / Unsplash

With on-chain fees rising, it becomes increasingly important to have your lightning node ready-to-go! This can be challenging, so Old City Bitcoiners will be meeting to review several services and techniques to ensure your Lightning node remains liquid.

Old City Bitcoiners Hangout & Hack sessions occur on Discord. The button below will take you to the right spot!

We'll review the following topics:

  • Get incoming liquidity from services like BOLTz.
  • Use Green Wallet or in conjunction with SideSwap to store l-BTC that can be used for cheaper rebalancing.
  • PeerSwap
  • Helm wallet - a Liquid sidechain wallet that your grandma can use!

If there's time, we'll review Mutiny Wallet again, which has undergone substantial changes since we last reviewed the project.

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