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Celebrate our 50th meetup at Jimmy Hula's on February 2nd at 6:30 pm. Bitrefill will be providing free appetizers and some drinks. And we'll have brand new Old City Bitcoiners t-shirts available.

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By Old City Bitcoiners
Photo by Krisztian Tabori / Unsplash

It's time for Old City Bitcoiners 50th meetup! Hard to believe our first meetup was April 6th 2021.

We will be celebrating this milestone with new t-shirts! We searched high and low for a local vendor to create some for the meetup. The search was difficult, but finally we found a local vendor, Skinny Lizard Screen Printing & Embroidery, to print the t-shirts. And guess what? They accepted Bitcoin for payment! We love to see more vendors accept Bitcoin for goods and services. Be sure to express your support for Bitcoin-accepting businesses in St. Augustine.

To celebrate our 50th meetup, we'll be giving away t-shirts to three lucky winners! In addition, Bitrefill will be sponsoring this event, so expect free appetizers and free drinks (up to a certain amount). As always, be sure to express your gratitude to Bitrefill by using their service.

That's not all! We also have some issues to give away.

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