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The meetup organizer has several operational costs associated with organizing meetups:

  1. AWS hosting for the website (estimate TODO)
  2. fees - $106.73 per 6 months
  3. Mailgun for email newsletters from this website - $5 per 12 months
  4. Third party email service - $5 per 12 months
  5. Domain name registration services - $5 per 12 months

We will try to drive these costs down over time by eliminating as many Trusted Third Parties (TTP) as possible!

We are a Bitcoin-only Meetup! That means we only accept Bitcoin! And we only support Lightning Network!

On-chain Bitcoin payments are not supported.

Make a Donation Now!

You can make a donation of an arbitrary amount by using the Old City Bitcoiners Point of Sale app. All contributions are applied to our monthly crowdfund. This crowdfund is set to meet our overall fixed expenses.

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