Bitcoin & Beer - v0070

We'll be hanging out at Bog Brewery (starting at 6:30 PM on December 7th, 2023) and playing around with a Lightning Simulator tool called LNPlay. Come drink beer and learn about Lightning Network from local Bitcoiners in a safe test environment!

8 months ago   •   1 min read

By Old City Bitcoiners
Photo by Mitya Ivanov / Unsplash

Come celebrate the winter season with a special event! At Bitcoin & Beer - v0070, we'll be playing with an LNPlay instance. LNPlay is a Lightning Network Simulator that makes for a great learning experience for Bitcoin meetups and other Bitcoin educators, or anyone wanting to learn about Lightning Network.

With LNPlay, participants each connect to their own dedicated core lightning node and get to control it from their web browser using Clams. Each node is able to communicate with nodes, allowing channels to be established among participants. Participants start with 1.00000000 BTC (regtest) and can make on-chain payments, open channels, learn about channel liquidity and balancing, create and use BOLT12 offers, and other cools features! Get a taste for what it's like to run your own Lightning node with some regtest bitcoin!

If you want, you can RSVP at our event page.

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