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Guess what?! It's time for another sponsored event from Bitrefill! That means free drinks at the bar! Sweet! We'll be meeting at Jimmy Hula's in St. Augustine! See you at 6:30 PM! UPDATE: BRING CASH! CREDIT CARDS ARE DOWN.

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By Old City Bitcoiners
Photo by Thomas Park / Unsplash

Guess what?! It's time for our quarterly sponsored Bitcoin & Beer event! You can again thank Bitrefill for up to $250 for a drink of your choice! It's on them! Awesome! Be sure to visit their website and consider patronizing Bitrefill to show your gratitude for their meetup initiatives!

To get a drink at the bar, you will need a drink token which can be obtained from some of our regular attendees. The bar will stop redeeming the tokens after the bar tab has reached a certain threshold. Old City Bitcoiners will issue more tokens than can redeemed at the bar to teach people an important lesson!

We're on a journey to find all the best meetup locations within St. Augustine for our Bitcoin & Beer events! This time we'll be trying Jimmy Hula's! They serve tacos, wraps, burgers, etc, and have a full bar! We called ahead and they're looking forward to having us!

Hangout & Hack

Missed our last Hangout & Hack? Here some of the takeaways from our last event:

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