Introducing Hangout & Hack

Hangout & Hack is a new meetup type from Old City Bitcoiners! We meet online and talk all things Bitcoin. Expect to find technical bitcoiners here willing to lend advice or help with your various BItcoin-related projects! Let's get nerdy!

6 months ago   •   1 min read

By Old City Bitcoiners
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We've been collecting feedback from some of our most active members and decided to organize a new meetup type: Hangout & Hack!

With Hangout & Hack, you can talk, chat, screen-share, or sit back and observe as we tinker with some bitcoin-related projects, share knowledge, and socialize. While there's no firm agenda, likely topics will include nodes, multisig, wallets, software, 3D printing, and more!

We meet online using our moderated Discord channel and talk all things Bitcoin! Click here to find out more about how Old City Bitcoiners uses Discord!

We add all our Hangout & Hack events to the Old City Bitcoiners Calendar!

Check out our first Hangout & Hack meetup below!

Hangout & Hack - v0001
This will be our first Hangout & Hack. Our first Hangout & Hack is on Discord from 6-9 PM, Monday June 20th.

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