Hangout & Hack - v0002

Old City Bitcoiners will be meeting on Discord for Hangout & Hack - v0002, Monday July 11th from 7 PM - 9 PM. Come learn some Bitcoin best practices!

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By Michael
Photo by Kevin Ku / Unsplash

Want to learn some Bitcoin best practices? Come to Hangout & Hack - v0002. Hope to see you there!

About Hangout & Hack - v0001

Did you make it to Hangout & Hack - v0001? We had an excellent conversation! We started by discussing organization and scheduling of Hangout & Hack and what folks are looking get from these virtual meetups.

With regard to schedule, it looks like the best cadence right now is on the second Monday of each month from 7 PM - 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (that's 11 PM UTC). The Old City Bitcoiners Calendar has been updated to reflect this.

After formalities, we got geeky! From Wasabi Wallet 2.0 to node deployment to lightning channels, Old City Bitcoiners were getting things done!

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