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By Old City ₿itcoiners

Part of being a Bitcoiner means becoming self-sovereign-not just with our money, but our IT infrastructure as well! At this time, Old City Bitcoiners relies heavily on Meetup.com to get a wider reach into the local community. Over time, we want to reduce our reliance on Meetup.com and direct local Bitcoiners to use this website instead.

But we recognize that Meetup.com provides 1) an existing network of users and 2) some useful coordination features such as calendaring, chat, email notifications, etc.. Our goal for Old City Bitcoiners is to implement some of these features over time in a self-hosted way using Open Source Software. Over time, we hope to grow our user base.

As part of this promise, we have implemented a new self-hosted Calendar endpoint. The Old City Bitcoiners Calendar web service, enabled by Nextcloud, allows Old City Bitcoiners to better coordinate our activities while avoiding the use of third parties. Each calendar event links back to our website where you can find the latest details. We also provide the physical address of each event!

How to use our Calendar

By default, the monthly view appears, but you can use the settings toggle to see weekly or daily views as well. You can also use the settings menu to get a subscription link, which you can use with any WebCal-compatible client. Use your phone's app store to find the best calendar apps. Let us know what you find! This webcal/subscription link is great when you run your own Nextcloud instance as well!

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