Bitcoin & Beer - v0021

Our next Bitcoin & Beer is is January 20th at Bog Brewing Company in St. Augustine, the Old City. See you around 6:30 PM.

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By Old City Bitcoiners
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First of all, thanks to all those that came out to ₿itcoin & ₿eer - v0020. We had a pretty decent attendance, even considering the notable surge in people becoming sick! Shout out to the AnarchoJax meetup for attracting so many people!

We started the meetup with Chris from the AnarchoJax meetup explaining the importance of Bitcoin, why it's inherently political in nature, and how and why it is an important bulwark against state power! Excellent!

Onboarding New Coiners onto Lightning

During the meetup, we focused on installing Phoenix Wallet and Muun wallet. Both of these apps are Lightning-native non-custodial wallets. Of course, as a Bitcoin-only meetup, we advocate that people run a fully-validating node, but these mobile wallets make decent trade-offs with regard to trust, usability, and user experience. In particular, on-boarding new users to the Lightning network was superb due to on-demand channel creation, or so-called Turbo Channels.

After funding their Bitcoin wallet, we showed the new coiners how to send and receive Bitcoin using this website as an example. Each meetup announcement on Old City Bitcoiners website has a donate button at the bottom, so we directed each new coiner here for their first full Bitcoin-native Lightning transaction!

Music with Rebecca Day

Meanwhile, the liberty-loving attendees crowded around Rebecca Day as she provided an excellent set. A big thanks goes to the AnarchoJax meetup for arranging for her to play!

Bitcoin & Beer - v0021 event details

Anyway, back to the next meetup. As always, remember that the taco truck at Bog Brewing Company closes around 7:30. We'll likely be sitting outside, so bring a jacket just in case!

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