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We're starting 2022 by partnering with the synergistic Atlantic Beach Anarchocapitalists! Let's share ideas and maybe recruit some new Bitcoiners! See you at Southern Swells in Jacksonville Beach, Thursday January 6th at 6:30 PM. Live Music provided by Rebecca Day! Free Pizza too, damn!

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By Old City Bitcoiners
Update for January 4th, 2022: Guess what? We managed to snag Rebecca Day to provide live music for our first ₿itcoin & ₿eer of 2022! Awesome! Rebecca Day is an independent musician and writer, and enjoys applying the principles of Austrian economics to her businesses. More information about her music and writing can be found at She's also a published author at FEE. – Just want to talk Bitcoin? No problem, there should be plenty of room!

It's almost 2022! Crazy! In celebration of what's certain to be an exciting year for us Bitcoiners, we decided to arrange a joint meetup for our first ₿itcoin & ₿eer of 2022. We'll be meeting with other liberty-loving members of the Atlantic Beach Anarchocapitalists (AnarchoJax). We're meeting at Southern Swells in Jacksonville Beach.

Since we'll hopefully have a decent attendance, we reserved an entire room at Southern Swells. We do have to meet certain minimum drink requirement between the two groups, so please bring your friends and family and let's Orange Pill some pre-coiners! There will be a table dedicated to pre-coiners wanting a crash course in accepting Bitcoin! So bring your favorite mobile wallet recommendations and understand the importance of non-KYC.

When you order, be sure to tell your bartender that you're with the Old City Bitcoiners or AnarchoJax meetup! This ensures that all drinks ordered are counted towards our drink minimum.

We do ask that attendees RSVP on our group. As always, this is NOT necessary (since we respect privacy), but it does allow us to more accurately predict how many people there will be. This helps Southern Swells schedule enough staff for the night.

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