Bitcoin & Beer - v0017

We're meeting at Bogg Brewing Company in St. Augustine. See around 6:30 PM!

7 months ago   •   1 min read

By Old City ₿itcoiners

We will be meeting at Bogg Brewing Company in St. Augustine again. Bogg is a great place for our meetups since we never know how many people are going to show! Restaurants are always problematic because they need to know how many will show up ahead of time! We don't really want to require RSVP due to privacy, so Bogg it is!

A few Old City Bitcoiners went to the TabConf conference in Atlanta from Nov 4-6. Let's discuss what was learned during the conference!

We will also be looking for volunteers for our next Sovereign Seminar Event! Please check out our Sovereign Seminar page for more information!

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